Transformation Services

Transformation. Managed.

andnowto works to define your success roadmap. We provide specialist teams, with/without a service wrapper for heterogeneous transformation and cloud components, galvanising change through compelling journeys, developing aligned people, technology and process integrated capabilities. We deliver transformed services with full knowledge transfer and zero intellectual debt, building ingrained future competencies.

Service features

  • Transformation strategy, leadership and operating principles
  • Catalysing and sustaining change
  • Digital and cloud-first transformation
  • Business transformation
  • IT transformation and procurement management
  • Performance and capability development
  • Data management and governance
  • Portfolio, programme and project delivery
  • Organisation design and development
  • Workforce strategy

Service benefits

  • Generate maximum cloud-value and minimise cloud-risk
  • Optimises strategic value and alignment
  • Creates value from existing business assets
  • Transfers knowledge back into the business
  • Creates a roadmap for delivery
  • Brings together leadership
  • Creates adaptive transformation to blend with best of native culture
  • Delivers transformation, or any sub-component, as a managed service
  • Deliver though work packages
  • Manage multiple resourcing and vendor relationships